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W H Hilton



I was born way way back in November 1953, in the North West of England; my dad was a coal miner, and my mum a housewife. 

I have a sister and a brother, plus we had the pleasure of having a foster sister, who my wife and I are still in regular contact with.  Academically I never achieved very much, leaving school at 16 with half a dozen, middle grade CSE’s (as they were then), however in 1991, I did manage to earn an Advanced Diploma in IT, which from the typing point of view, has come in very useful. 

My working life was extremely varied, ranging from, apprentice panel beater, to Bar and Hotel management, with periods of self employment in landscape gardening and market trading in between, plus other positions, too numerous to mention.  One way or another, I’ve always had the ability to get work reasonably quickly, and was never out of a job for long.

Over the years I’ve also been pretty good at causing friends and relatives to be taken aback. Like the time that I started courting a lovely young lady, 16 years my junior, (she was 19, I was 35). This was sometimes remarked upon as; you’re old enough to be her dad.

Well, after a 3 week and 6 day friendship, yes that’s right, we started courting on the 10th December 1988, and got married 6th January 1989, and to everyone’s surprise, we’ve now been together, very happily and successfully for over 29 years. 

(and they said it wouldn’t last) We also have a wonderful 28 year old son, who, himself got married on the 7th April 2017.

For many years I had the desire to write a novel, and always thought that there was at least one in me, but never actually sat down, put finger on keyboard and start to type.  However, since retiring at the tender age of 57, and whilst my dear wife was out at work, I took the plunge and completed my first novel 'Sefton Road'.

I published it in November 2014, and it's available on Kindle, Kobo & Smashwords.

Since completing Sefton Road, I've written (not published) another two novels, more for practice than anything. And because my reading habits have changed from 'Murder Mysteries' to 'Thrillers', I've decided to change my writting genre also to 'Thrillers'.

Due to this change, I am now in the proccess of writing my second novel 'Hello. Anybody In There?', which hopefully will be completed and published by the end of the year. (2018)

I do hope that you enjoy my first offering, and please keep your eyes open for my next.


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