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W H Hilton


I was brought up in the North West of England. My dad was a miner and mum a housewife.

After being a late starter, I eventually got married at the tender age of 35, to a gorgeous young lady 16 years my junior. Everyone said it wouldn't last. But we celebrated our 33rd anniversary in January 2022 and now everyone is eating their words.
We also have a wonderful son and a brilliant daughter in law.

I had a very varied career which ranged from running my own landscape gardening & market trading business, to Bar & Hotel Management.

I was fortunate enough to retire early. But with my wife and son being out at work all day it got rather boring. 

There's only so much housework you can do, and once it's done it's done, so I started writing to pass the time.

I published ‘Sefton Road’ as an e-reader in 2014 and as a paperback in 2018 and  

‘Hello Anybody In There’ as both e-reader and paperback also in 2018. Both are available on Amazon.

My 3rd novel ‘Acts of Vengeance’ is also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Kobo.

My 4th novel 'Now way back' will be realsed  later this year, and the sequel 'Still no way back' should be available in 2023.

Hope you enjoy my offerings and thank you for all your support. 

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