Sefton Road


All is not what it seems in the leafy suburbs of Grovesfleet.

The home of Allan Thomas is razed to the ground, leaving behind the remains of two bodies that were burned beyond recognition.

Was it an unfortunate accident, or a deliberate act of arson?

Could missing neighbour Kevin Williams be responsible for the destruction, or was someone else involved?

Local undertaker George Wright, has found himself in the unlikely role of detective, and is accompanied by June, a resident fromSefton Road, along with Charlie his assistant in the funeral parlour.

His investigations uncover some intriguing facts, especially when a valuable unpublished manuscript turns up and takes him to the other side of the country.

This engaging mystery takes some fascinating twists and turns along the way. 





Hello. Anybody in there?

Hartley and Nicole Granger.

A wealthy jeweller, and a trophy wife.

He was well aware of her infidelity and indiscretions with other men.

He’d seen it first hand.

But Hartley had no idea of the lengths she would go to, in order to satisfy both her sexual appetite and greed for wealth.


Lust & Greed. One deadly concoction.